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RedPill specialise in creating branded content that people want to share. By delivering strategy, creativity, production and distribution under one roof,
RedPill have earned a track record for exceptional viewability, engagement and ROI.

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Are you GDPR ready?

Many of you know that the International Data Laws are changing for the first time in over 25 Years. These changes will provide better protection and will specify how.
Recently we have been working with many companies to improve their websites, infrastructure and policies to give greater flexibility to their end users and keep within the new GDPR Law.
Read our article on GDPR Policy.
If you would like to find out more on how
we can help make your website more GDPR compliant please contact us.

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Securing your WordPress website

Find out how to make your website more secure with free database switcher files provided in this latest article.

We have had so much positive feedback in the last year.

As the ex-computer services manager of a division of a company turning over 11.4 billion dollars for 28 Years and the owner of a computer repair company for the last 15 Years.

I have spent the last 43 years working with some of the finest professionals that the IT industry has to offer and Andi Davis of Eggbox Designs Ltd is in that league.

Whenever I have worked with Andi on a project my expectations have always been exceeded, he goes the extra Mile.

Corporate or individual, I heartily recommend his skills and services to you.Phil Hall – Big Phil Computers

Andi always enters our projects with a professional approach. He gives 100% in making sure that not only all problems are resolved, but in a manner that’s structured and organised to avoid any future issues or conflicts. Would highly recommend! Mark Brady – RedPill

Earlier this year I commissioned Andi at Eggbox Designs to design and launch a new website for my company and I have been very pleased with every step of the process. I work in IT and I have had Websites built before so I have some points of reference.
Before work was started I was very impressed with Andi’s knowledge and reference sites of previous customers. He took the time to understand me and what my company does which is very important.
During the development stage I liked the amount of communication: everything I thought of was digested by Andi and implemented or explained. Every time Andi had a question he came to me rather than the guessing. Because of this we ended up with the design, functionality and search- ability that exceeded our hopes.
Compared with previous web development experience we felt Eggbox gave us:
More listening to requirements
Better knowledge of the very latest design trends
Better product in terms of search-abilty
A fast turnaround
A better price
Terry Mould –
Driftwood Solutions Ltd

Website Designed, Profit Recovery Solutions Ltd, a Hampshire based Profit Recovery Company in the UK

Recent Project:

We were approached by Profit Recovery Solutions Ltd who are a family business focusing on our core activity of Profit Recovery. Working closely with Collar Creative, together we designed, developed Profit Recovery Solutions Ltd a new responsive website.

The type of work we carried out was as follows:

  • We upgraded the website hosting to our servers running on Lightspeed servers, to HTTPS making full use of our SSL certificate.
  • We created a bespoke design to make the client stand out
  • We added in a form with a profit recoveries calculator.

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Services we provide:

  • Bespoke website development
  • Bespoke responsive website design
  • Bespoke API development
  • Bespoke WordPress development
  • Bespoke Intranets & CRM
  • Hosting services
  • Content services
  • Technical SEO & Website overhauls
  • Website Rescue
  • Design & Branding
  • Vector Art-working, Print and Digital
  • Email template design / Mailchimp Development
  • Server set up – Apache, IIS, NGINX, Lightspeed
  • PCI Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • HTTP upgrades for WordPress
  • Network installation and patching

Core development skills:


  • HTML5
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • Jquery


  • PHP
    • WordPress
    • Laravel
  • SQL (Access, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL)
  • Bash Scripting


  • Angluar.js
  • Node.js

Who we are

Eggbox Designs are a small company whose effort is to try and build better websites and user experiences to enrich lives.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. It’s not just about being good at coding, having a love for design or the ability to write engaging content, but about how we grew up with the computers that became a way of life.

What you can expect from us

A caring and practical attitude

Our practical attitude to your project means you will find yourself well looked after throughout your entire journey with us. When your project is finished we also make sure you have every support you need in future.

Experience, Knowledge & Imagination

Our on-line experience in providing digital solutions dates back to 2003, so when you speak to us you will notice that we are knowledgeable when it comes to our line of work.

Coupled with this extensive experience you will find that we have many creative solutions to offer and pride ourselves on being able to think outside the box.

Endurance, Inspiration and Attention to detail

Every project we take on is cared for personally with attention to detail.
We endure the toughest of assignments to the very end.

We always endeavour to make sure we complete your project on time and to budget.

We are here for inspiration.

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In development

General Dental Practioners Plugin

We are currently developing a plugin that allows dental practitioners to register to a website through an approval system. Once approved will allow exclusive access to use the eCommerce system which is designated to dental practitioners.

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Recent developments

New Horizons (APC) API plugin for Woocommerce

We have recently been working on a plugin that utilises and transmits labels from WooCommerce to APC Logistics (New Horizons) API for printing labels and courier collection.

Hubspot Integration for Ninja Forms plugin for WordPress

We recently worked on a plugin with our client RedPill that integrates Hubspot from Ninja Forms.